Enjoy the journey

By Justin Burgher

A note to myself: "this is a marathon not a sprint".

As a young business owner, the idea of "working for yourself" is a very attractive proposition. Equally, the saying "being your own boss" is another that gets thrown around loosely. 

Soon after creating a business these two sayings have a way deeper meaning. At first, the goal was financial gain. But now, it's all about freedom. The beauty of having your own business can give you both. But nobody said it was going to be easy.

As a young business in Birmingham, with no backing or financial aid, we have faced many obstacles. However this hasn't deterred us in our mission moving forward and we have never had a stronger hunger to succeed.

Just remember to stay humble and stay positive, and with a great plan and a team who supports you.

"Anything is possible with action"



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