Terms and Conditions

These are general guidelines and are meant more as a source of information/ disclaimer about our vehicle and valeting services, detailing practices and/ or any limitations we might encounter during our different processes. These are abnormal or unusual conditions and/ or situations we might face during our vehicle care and vehicle detailing process and necessitate a clarification in advance to avoid any uncertainty and discrepancies later on.



We exclusively source, stock and utilise products from proven and industry accepted and established brands like: Meguiar's / Autofinesse / Car Pro / G Techniq / Sonax / and/ or equivalent tried & tested brands. All our products are used exactly as per company specifications and dilution ratios are maintained as specified on the instruction panel.

Rest assured detailing your vehicle or to top-class levels and your overall satisfaction means more to us than anything else and we will not compromise on our high quality standards!



Our Detailing Equipment & Machinery comes from Industry standard manufacturers like : Honda / Kranzle / Karcher / etc. Standard Operating procedures are followed thoroughly by our team of qualified professionals. Again, we believe the right tool for the job is far more important rather than getting it done cheaper and at a lower standard with a chance of damaging something.



Unless otherwise specified, all our vehicle interior cleaning processes use high pressure steam (Steam pressure: 6-8 Bar / Steam Temp: 80-90*c) which guarantees to sanitise and clean surface contaminants without the use of harsh chemicals. Steam cleaning is an industry accepted method utilised the world over for fast, efficient and thorough cleaning which matches or even exceeds the results achieved with the use of regular car wash, pressure washers and cleaning chemicals/ products. Steam also utilises less water per car/bike and is a very eco-friendly way of detailing, washing and interior cleaning. Not to mention steam cleaning the engine bay of a vehicle is far safer and efficient than directly spraying high pressure water into the engine bay.

If you still feel the need for a water based wash we do offer high pressure foam wash or hand wash with pH neutral shampoos. Kindly suggest this as your requirement prior commencing services.




We don’t remove/ handle wires, under-seat amplifiers, exposed wiring conduits etc. We work around these items to prevent any untoward incident. It is your responsibility to provide a safe, clutter free and non-hazardous working zone for our team.

We strongly recommend you remove all papers, valuables, receipts, USB drives and any other personal items of importance from the vehicle prior to our service. We will not be held responsible for any Missing/ Loss/ Theft of items. Our team will have a final check for anything of value and hand it over to you prior commencing work but the final responsibility lies with you, the owner.

Seat Steam Cleaning/Wipe downs - We air dry up to at least 80% dryness but some dampness might still remain due to the steaming process. We recommend fabric seats to dry in the sun at least 2-3 hrs prior use. This is standard practice and is recommended after a detailed seat vacuum and cleaning. Not applicable to Leather/Vinyl seats and Leatherette seat covers.



Exterior drain channels are only cleaned up till where our equipment can reach. Leaves/ branches, debris within the wiper housing, door drain channels, wheel well drains are not possible to be de-cluttered/ cleaned during routine maintenance cleaning service and will require professional tools/ dismantling to open and clean.

Brake callipers, discs/ rotors are not always easily accessible and are not guaranteed thoroughly cleaned in a maintenance package as covered during our service. Especially on cars with steel wheels it is sometimes difficult to access the rotors/ callipers. Cleaning of Brake callipers and brake discs will be on a best effort basis.

We avoid shifting or removing electrical connectors, pipes, hoses, belts, moving parts etc within the engine bay. We use super heated steam and work on a as-seen and accessible basis. Unaccessible areas, Severe oil/ grease stains, interior drain channels and crevices beyond the reach of our equipment will be unable to be cleaned and detailed as thoroughly. Deep Engine bay cleaning is on a best effort basis.

We don’t guarantee the Manufacturer/ Company specified longevity of our waxes/ polishes & coatings/ paint sealants. We apply and dry all coatings/ waxes and polishes as per company specification. But, regular use of hard water, abrasive cloths, dry wipe downs on a daily basis strip away the protective coatings faster than normal. This is not indicative of the quality of materials we use but rather the regular cleaning processes and environmental conditions the vehicle is subject to.

Removal/treatment of Deep Rust stains/Cement spots / Hard water marks/ Deep scratches/ Paint damage/Clear Coat Stripping / Scuffed Alloys etc are beyond the capabilities of our equipment and would sometimes require Workshop Level procedures and equipment to correct defects. We will attempt to do our best to restore these items as much as possible within the scope of our equipment and time.

SERVICE LIMITATIONS: (Abnormal Nature of Stains/Situations)

Heavy Mold/Mildew/Fungus coating all over the car exterior and interior

Deeply ingrained and excessive PetHair/Cigarette Burns

Human Waste/Vomit/Animal Poop and other stains not of a normal nature

Severe Muck/Mud stains of an abnormal nature  (Racing/Off-road/Rally Cross)

Any other stains/issues not occurring during normal use (eg: Chemicals/ Tar/Acid/Oil/Rust/Cement etc)

The above list is not comprehensive but only indicative of what comprises abnormal nature. These will incur an excessive cleaning cost of up-to 20% of the Total package cost. Time guarantees do not apply under these working conditions. We do not offer a satisfaction guarantee in these cases as interiors/ exteriors could be  damaged beyond our standards of condition recovery. Cleaning/ Stain removal/ Detailing will be on a best-effort basis. Needless to say we will ensure you get the same levels of detail and care that we lavish on all our vehicles.



We are always open to constructive criticism and feedback and we encourage you to utilise the feedback form, or connect via facebook, instagram or mail us and review our company and our services once detailing is done. This will help us to continually improve our methods, change what needs to be changed and deal with any negative feedback in a positive way.  We reserve the right to rectify any issues that are present on the vehicle prior to any negative publication to be written and published online. After all we value customer satisfaction in a big way and we want to leave you with a big smile on your face!

We strive to be honest and be true in what we do. What propels us is the relationships we build and the code we conduct ourselves by. We will always stick to our core as that is what builds our business as a company. Our satisfaction guarantee is unconditional and we stand by what we say!