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Advanced Clean - (A must for cars that haven't been cleaned in over 4 weeks)

(Approx 4 - 5 Hours clean time)

This valet is for those who need that extra bit of attention OR need to focus on a particular area, this valet can be tweaked to focus on the area that needs it most.

 Compromising of the same standards as the Maintenance Clean with the addition to seat cleansing (leather or cloth) Tar and Glue removal to the exterior and a spray sealant for protection. (the durability of this product is up to 8 weeks)


Pre-wash Stage

This stage is crucial before washing any vehicle, removing as much road grime and contamination before touching the vehicle. This stage can reduce the swirls and scratches from presenting themselves on your vehicle.

  • PH Neutral Wheel cleaners used to soften dirt on the wheels
  • Wheel grime agitated with a selection of wheel brushes, lug nut brushes, firm brushes and wash mitts
  • Arches and lower areas of the vehicle sprayed with a citrus-based cleaner to soften any dirt which may be present on the vehicle
  • SnowFoam is then applied to the whole car to aid the citrus-based cleaner in softening the dirt (this is left for a few mins to do its job)
  • SnowFoam is rinsed from the vehicle

Contact Stage

Our two bucket method begins - this is when we make physical contact with the vehicle. We used designated wash mitts for different parts of the vehicle to reduce the chance of inflicting swirls and scratches.

  • Taking a mitt out of the “shampoo” bucket, we gently clean a panel at a time, starting from the top of the vehicle as this usually carries the least amount of dirt.
  • Rinse the mitt in the “rinse” bucket to clean any possible debris which may have got trapped in its fibres
  • Repeat process through vehicle gradually getting lower
  • Using our “grubby” mitt, we clean the underside of the car
  • Tar spots are removed from the vehicle - these look like little black speckles all over the paint

Finishing Stage

  • Using our spray sealant gloss level will be increased while adding a sacrificial layer of protection
  • With our plush microfibre towels, we dry the vehicle from the roof down (again, this is designed to prevent causing any unnecessary swirls or scratches)
  • The glass is treated and cleaned with a glass cloth for a smear-free finish
  • The alloys are dried and tyres are dressed with a tyre gel

Interior Clean

  • Using our feather edged brushes, (as soft as a makeup brush) we agitate delicate areas so dust can be vacuumed safely
  • Carpets, seats and boots are vacuumed
  • Our steam cleaner and sanitizer is used to sterilise all contact areas
  • Seats, Carpets, Roof Liner, Door Handles, Gear Select, Air Vents, Sun Visors, Cigarette Lighters, Glove Box are steam cleaned
  • All touch-sensitive surfaces are wiped down with an APC to ensure a clean finish
  • Interior glass is cleaned with a smear-free glass cleaner