Enhancement Detail

Enhancement Detail

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Our Enhancement Detail is designed to remove minor imperfections while improving the gloss and clarity of the paintwork. We can remove slight scratches and holograms in the paintwork via the use of our Direct Orbital Machine Polishers. Removing these imperfections will dramatically improve how clear and vibrant your paint looks and in turn becomes a wise investment.

  • Following on from our safe wash a full decontamination is needed.


  • We will remove embedded contaminants from the paint as these will prevent efficient removal of swirls and the protection correctly bonding to your paintwork.


  • After we have completed our multi-stage wash and decontamination process, we will inspect the severity of your paintwork. Once we have addressed key areas of the car, we will source a dedicated pad and polish combination that is most efficient for removing the imperfections.


  • With the correct polish and pad combination we will begin the swirl removal process. This can be a matter of hours or days, depending on the level of correction you choose.


  • All delicate areas of the vehicle will be taped up to prevent polish tarnishing. Taping these areas allow us to reduce the time cleaning after polishing and protection are complete.


  • Our Enhancement Detail already comes with protection included so no need to worry about that.