Ultimate Gloss Package

Ultimate Gloss Package

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Ultimate Gloss Package - Protecting your vehicle is important
(Approx 4.5 hrs)
We wear gloves when doing a "dirty" job to make it easier to clean our hands when we have finished. The same rule applies to have protection on your vehicle. It not only enhances the appearance of the vehicle. It makes your life easier in the long run.
  • The vehicle is treated to a PH neutral wash using our 2 buckets, 2 grit guard wash system to ensure no dirt or debris is carried through our wash mitts.
  • The wheels have their own dedicated wheel bucket with grid guard, accompanied by a non-acidic wheel cleaner to soften any dirt that may be present on your wheel
  • Citrus based cleaners are used on the lower and front end areas of the vehicle where dirt can accumulate before we reach our next steps. This is done so we loosen any dirt before contact happens
  • The door shuts, Fuel flaps and boot channels are cleaned (if accessible)
  • The vehicle is hand dried using our plush microfibre drying towels
  • The paintwork starts its decontamination process with solvent-based cleaners to remove any tar, bug deposits or iron particles on the vehicle
  • Claying the vehicle can be a crucial step and we will decide if a mild or aggressive clay is needed to help finalise the decontamination process
  • Tyres are dressed


  • If light swirls are present a light glaze formula can be added to reduce their visibility before any form of protection is added (PLEASE NOTE GLAZES ARE NOT A PERMANENT FIX FOR REMOVING SWIRL MARKS) 


  • Adding protection to the vehicle will ensure it repels dirt from the surface, gives an extra barrier of protection against bird lime and increases the gloss levels of the vehicle for a substantially longer period of time.

* A Ceramic Coating can now be added with this package